Casey Rankin Lic. # 7645
Yaak River Outfitters
190 Lake Okaga Rd.
Troy, MT 59935-9856

Big Game Rifle Hunting 

Hunting starts in late Oct. and runs to the end of Nov. This hunt is for elk, whitetail deer, mule deer, moose and bear.  We do only a limited number of hunts each year so we can make this a hunt you will always remember!

There are some extremely nice whitetail deer and elk plus a few muleys  to hunt.
We do a lot of spot and stalk hunts, and we have some nice stand locations too.
This can be and is a place that is rugged, so come prepared and be in as good condition as you can be in before you come out.

The Yaak Valley has some of the best hunting and is a world class hunting destination this can make your hunt of a lifetime! 

If there is any special dietary needs or anything else be sure to let us know in advance so we can make your adventure a wonderful experience.





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